Thursday, 12 July 2012

Metet - Crossing over (EP)

N.C.P Records present our first release

TRACK: Crossing over
STYLE: Ambient Step
LABEL : N.C.P Records

Each morning when the sun rises and touches the earth with its life-bringing rays, the cycle of creation is repeated. Just as the sun once miraculously arose from the dark waters of chaos Nun, the sun rises every morning from the darkness of night and brings light, order, and renewed life. 

The world is born again each time the god of creation rises to the heavens.
"The throne of Unas is with Thee, O Ra; Unas will not give it to any other god. He ascends towards heaven to Thee, O Ra.” –from Utterance 302 In hope to further his knowledge of digital instruments and sounds, Metet has slowly started building a collection of music quite unlike his other projects (Bioteq/Daturon) 

This project is focused more on the slower, emotional sounds and instruments coming from the Middle east, India, Asia and some parts of Europe. The sound that was aimed for was a blend of ethno-dub with elements of trance and electronica to keep an upbeat semi-dance worthy feel to it, this is not the only style of sound that was aimed for, a lot of the music is also just general downtempo electronica designed to connect with the listeners emotional sides.
This project was started officially on the 8/05/2012.

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