About us

N.C.P Records stand for: No Commercial Potential Records.

This label created in 2012 come up as a fusion to cross the normal patterns of music style based on Ethnic sounds with strong influences on Dubstep bass lines, Experimental Electronica and Ambient.
The music published by the label is very much based on Minimal sound design, Glitch and Experiential but we have a broad infusion of other styles as Dub, Trip-Hop and Chill out.
It’s no fairytale history behind N.C.P Records !

Included in the work progress of the label is the publishing of photo graphic covers created by professional Models and photographers. This brings together an Art feel that we are implementing to instigate and promote a more artistic approach to the music publish by the label as we join forces with other areas of Art.

We are not pioneers of a new music style but we are looking for creative artists to bring us some different music and ideas for we can share with you new music forms.
Ambient, Electronica, Experimental, Chill-Out, Burlesque, Industrial, Tribal Belly-Dance, Dubstep...
They are only derivations of Sound !

N.C.P was created to cross pattern barriers...
Can you dare to listen ?

N.C.Records 2012 / 2014. All Rights reserved.

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