Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sotan - Imaginary Fractalis (EP)

N.C.P Records Present

RELEASE: Imaginary Fractalis (EP)
STYLE: Ambient  / Eletronica
LABEL: N.C.P Records
SoTaN (Sotiris Ftaklakis) is a music artist from the island of Rhodes, Greece.
Always rebellious in times when dancing is healing and music is the cure, always a loyal member of the electronic dance music scene (EDM). He started producing music in 2006 with an aim to share his experiences in the electronic format that he loved. SoTaN developed the sound of his music production and journey-like DJ sets and pushes his dance music sound further!

A dedicated, energetic and constantly surprising artist, SoTaN is nothing less than an electronic music ambassador. His musical expressions evolved through many different styles, from deep to progressive, from dark to elegant and stylish grooves.

Sotan philosophy has always been to help people let loose while embarking on a colourful journey. Since 2013 SoTaN has releases on labels such as Shiva Recs, Progress Recs, New Era Recs, Telepathy Recs, Ambiosphere Recs, Cubic Recs, Bedroom Recs09, Eleonor Recs and  Lua Rec.  More releases are on the way under these labels as well as other International labels!

Since 2006 SoTaN is nothing less than an electronic music ambassador.
In this new affiliation to N.C.P Records, Sotan musical expression evolves from elegant to stylish grooves. Ambient sounds create a dedicated energetic and constantly surprising colourful music journeys powerful charged with chill out and ambient beats.

1) Crystal Water
2) Outland 2


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