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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Digitalizing - Tantra Mantra EP

N.C.P Records Present
ARTIST: Digitalizing
RELEASE:  Tantra Mantra EP
STYLE: Ambient / Chill
LABEL: N.C.P Records

Digitalizing presents 'Tantra Mantra' Five mesmerizing tracks which
will propel the listener into a gentle and vibrant journey through warm grooves and fluid electronic atmospheres. Digitalizing crafted a journey of sound made of many different elements, from Indian influences through African tribal percussions, always with an emphasis for strong chill-out floor reactions.
A full range of soundscapes, build up electrifying melodies and traveller of human consciousness sounds can be found in this third release of Digitalizing at N.C.P Records. 

Digitalizing - Tantra Mantra EP 

1) Tantra Mantra
2) Perfect paradise
3) Lost travel
4) Slide in the mind
5) Reflection
W&P by: Paulo Avelar (Portugal)
Mastered by: Kabbalien (Portugal / UK)
Beatport exclusive: 14/06/2015
Official release: 28/06/2015

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Digitalizing - The Walker

N.C.P Records Present
ARTIST: Digitalizing 
 RELEASE: The Walker
 STYLE: Chill Out / Ambient
LABEL: N.C.P Records

Digitalizing is the name of the musical project created by the Portuguese Paulo Avelar.   
This is an electronic music project based Chill Out.
Among the down tempo, through the ambient, and ending at the lounge and psychedelic, Digitalized presents with a unique style of music. A mixture of music and various countries, such as India, Portugal, Iran, Japan, Australia, ...
Their music is expressed in many different ways, accompanied by tribal rhythms, electrifying melodies, and harmonies and loaded of psychedelia, with speeds varied, irrespective of the feeling that the music has assigned.

 Digitalizing - The Walker

01) Lotus Position
02) Act of Will
03) Chasing the Dream
04) Psilocybin
05) Faraway
06) One day in Costa Rica
07) Chiado ( Digitalizing vs Emphapsyzer )
08) Abstract Life *
09) Liberating force
10) The Indian dance in the Rain
11) The psychedelic side of a great trip
12) The Walker

W&P by: Paulo Avelar (Portugal)

Mastered by: Kabbalien (Portugal / UK)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Digitalizing VS Emphapsyzer (EP)

N.C.P Records Present
ARTIST: Digitalizing VS Emphapsyzer
 STYLE: Chill Out / Ambient
LABEL: N.C.P Records

 Chiado and Psilocybin are tracks extracted from the upcoming release of "Digitalizing - The Walker" on N.C.P Records. 
The track Chiado is a collaboration of two Portuguese artists (Digitalizing and Emphapsyzer) and a hit of good music incorporating acoustic instruments. 
More Chill out quality tracks to come...

Digitalizing VS Emphapsyzer (EP)

1) Chiado (Digitalizing VS Emphapsyzer) (Portugal)
2) Psilocybin (Digitalizing)

W&P by: Digitalizing VS Emphapsyzer (Portugal)

Cover by:  Fractaloops (UK)

Mastered by: Kabbalien (Portugal)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sotan - Imaginary Fractalis (EP)

N.C.P Records Present

RELEASE: Imaginary Fractalis (EP)
STYLE: Ambient  / Eletronica
LABEL: N.C.P Records
SoTaN (Sotiris Ftaklakis) is a music artist from the island of Rhodes, Greece.
Always rebellious in times when dancing is healing and music is the cure, always a loyal member of the electronic dance music scene (EDM). He started producing music in 2006 with an aim to share his experiences in the electronic format that he loved. SoTaN developed the sound of his music production and journey-like DJ sets and pushes his dance music sound further!

A dedicated, energetic and constantly surprising artist, SoTaN is nothing less than an electronic music ambassador. His musical expressions evolved through many different styles, from deep to progressive, from dark to elegant and stylish grooves.

Sotan philosophy has always been to help people let loose while embarking on a colourful journey. Since 2013 SoTaN has releases on labels such as Shiva Recs, Progress Recs, New Era Recs, Telepathy Recs, Ambiosphere Recs, Cubic Recs, Bedroom Recs09, Eleonor Recs and  Lua Rec.  More releases are on the way under these labels as well as other International labels!

Since 2006 SoTaN is nothing less than an electronic music ambassador.
In this new affiliation to N.C.P Records, Sotan musical expression evolves from elegant to stylish grooves. Ambient sounds create a dedicated energetic and constantly surprising colourful music journeys powerful charged with chill out and ambient beats.

1) Crystal Water
2) Outland 2


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Murat Civas - Awarness (EP)

N.C.P Records present

ARTIST: Murat Civas
RELEASE: Awareness (EP)
STYLE: Chill out / Ethnic Step
LABEL: N.C.P Records

Murat Civas deliver N.C.P Rec and EP with two amazing fusion tracks.
Ethnic Ambient & Dubstep will open the doors on a mystery story told by ancient mythology.
Melodic bass lines, ethnic percussions and a floating melody make us travel the Orient  leaving a spicy flavour in our mouth and a shiva shake in the body.
That's how tasty is Murat Civas music production.

Murat  Civas - Awareness (EP) [NCP003]
1. Dubsent    (ethnic dubstep)
2. Wet Solar (Chill out)

Murat Civas born in Germany but soon move to Turkey.
He start to play keyboard and Turkish ethnic traditional instruments at the age of 18 but  Murat Civas always have been very much connected with street underground beats music.

Later Murat start to listen metal and grind-core music where he join with some friends and  start his first metal band in Turkey call X-Rated (1988) where Murat play the rule of lead  singer, where we moved into other metal bands.
in 2001 Murat get participate in Istanbul competition named "Dark music days" and he get the 3th  place as a metal singer.

Later in 2004 and after the band broke up,Murat start to work at a local radio station as a  dj and start to love electronic music...  Soon Murat start a weekend live show in the radio  playing electronic music including chill out sets.
By this time he start his first adventure sin music production working with frutyloops and  later upgrade to Reason as make him fell more comfortable with the music software.

Later 2006 Murat join with a very good friend and they start a electronic band and 2 person  project where Murat was playing bass and programing drums. The band induced styles as Ethnic  Turkish music, Dark ambient, trip hop,, psychedelic , progressive and chill beats but soon  both lost the interest for this band and stop the activity.

Since then Murat Civas has been producing music on his own instigating a new sound and a Story in  each of his tracks and create emotions with melodies.
Murat Civas like to add Dirty street beats on his music and create atmospheres.
His influences go from Trip-hop, experimental, chill, ambient , ethnic and many ,many other  music styles.

For the first time , Murat Civas take his music to a next level making a d├ębut EP at N.C.P Records  to give himself to the world of music.
Let me introduce him...
Murat  Civas - Awareness (EP) [NCP003]

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