Sunday 3 November 2013

Phyldeep - Subtitles (EP)

N.C.P Records Present
ARTIST: Phyldeep
RELEASE: Subtitles
 STYLE: Ambient  / Eletronica
LABEL: N.C.P Records 

Phyldeep is a UK music producer connected with House and techno music. From his first party's he start to produce this type of music and acquiring an all lot of equipment.
Since then Phyl didn't stop to produce, always keeping up to date software and Analog music equipment in his studio and producing music regularly.

Perfection don't come from one day to another but phyl didn't want to publish any of his music as any perfectionist, music was never perfect or good enough to be published !

Late in 2012 Phyl start to visit some psy trance party's and soon he try to get into this music style by producing some delightful forest / tribal music tracks but again Phyl was not ready for the next step till he actually meet Fred AKA DaDa project and N.C.P Records lab headquarters experimentalist man. After some meetings at NCP Studios and long weekends of Jamming and recordings phyl start to idealize his own sounds by founding his bass lines and grasping some intensity transpiring by DaDa project who keep motivating and instigating Phyl as it was and it is a very good music producer but too shy to give the next step of a musical carrier.

After a first d├ębut with a Remix track (Gibraltar) on NCP Records , phyl took the confidence to show the world what was capable of and deliver to NCP records on of the most cinematic and launch releasers to date in the label.

Time is now.. You will need subtitles !
Phyldeep - Subtitles EP [NCPR009] Official out on: 20/09/2013

Promotional text
Phyldeep crafted deep Dub bass lines into a cinematic mood amplified by mystery sounds and visual motion of paint in the Imaginary Universe. Is the escape of the high awareness levels into a stable level, navigating the listeners into calm and relaxing moon of thoughts and indescribable emotions.
We needed subtitles... your may need to “Phyldeep – Subtitles”  EP

1- Az Eg
2- Subtitles
3- Spring Horizon

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