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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

DaDa Project - Gibraltar (Remixes)

N.C.P Records Present
ARTIST: Various
RELEASE: Gibraltar Remixes
 STYLE: Dubstep / Eletronica 
LABEL: N.C.P Records 

 Official released @ N.C.P Records first time by DaDa project in 2012 , Gibraltar is track with character wish has revel in a short space of time to be a favourite to many Dubstep DJs.
This Time Gibralktar come in Different formats and shaped by other Artists.
Qubenzis Psy Audio delivered an Electronic Remix of the track.
Mark Gray offer a Psy Ambient style of Gibraltar.
Emphapsyzer speed up all music process distilling an interesting Drum and bass Gibraltar point of view .
Phyldeep amazed everyone with a Grime / Dubstep version of Gibraltar. Very deep baselines in did !
DaDa Project, the instigator of the Remixes process, delivered a proper DUB track extracting bits and pieces from the original and recreate something  more duby .

DaDa Project is the founder of... the Project. 
Headquarters of all Music anatomy related at N.C.P Records, DaDa project thanks all the artists on this compilation for accepting the challenge and dedicating the time to bring this project to life.
Thank you all musicians and Fans !
DaDa Project

Promotional text
Crafted by underground music engineers and delivered to N.C.P Records, this Remixes will be on top of your favourite track list. It is now time for some psy Ambient, Grime, Electronica, D&B and Dub style remixed by Q.P.A, Mark Gray, Phyldeep including a new Dub Remix by Dada project. This is a Downbeat masterpiece. Gibraltar is the next stop!

Gibraltar - Remixes
1. Q.P.A - Gibraltar (Electronica Rmx)
2. Dada Project - Gibraltar (Dub Rmx)
3. Phyldeep - Gibraltar ( Grime Rmx)
4. Emphapsyzer - Gibraltar (Drum & Bass Rmx)
5. Mark Gray - Gibraltar - (Psy Ambient Rmx)
6. DaDa Project - Gibraltar (Original)

 N.C.P Records

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Juju Planet Dub - Interstellar Lunapark (EP)

N.C.P Records present

ARTIST: Juju Planet Dub
RELEASE: Interstellar Lunapark (EP)
STYLE: Dub / Ethnic Dub
LABEL: N.C.P Records

Jozef Hnidzik known by artistic name JUJU PLANET DUB originally comes from Slovakian city Piestany.
He is a music producer and at the same time a musician.  His music career goes back to 2000 when he started playing at psychedelic trance parties in chill out stages in Slovakia.
Later on from the year 2004 he began to create his own music under the name JUJU PLANET DUB.
In 2007 he produced TIP TOP UNDERGROUND SOUND which is a mixture of diverse ethno folklore and electro dub.

In TIP TOP UNDERGROUND SOUND different musicians perform however some of the instruments are recorded by Jozef himself.
At the moment JUJU PLANET DUB is expanding on music production and exploring unique music instruments such as sitar.

Juju Planet Dub - Interstellar Lunapark (EP) [NCPR005]
1. Juju Planet Dub - Wanga Gut
2. Juju Planet Dub - Lazo plazo

Jozefs music is defined as a great adventure around the world which is full of diverse folklore rhythm with oriental tunes that are coloured by psychedelic dub sounds.
It is a mixture of Dub and ethno dance rhythms full of energy, life and revolutionary thoughts.

 N.C.P Records


Monday, 10 September 2012

Yin Yang Audio - Altered States (EP)

N.C.P Records present

ARTIST: Yin Yang Audio
RELEASE: Altered States (EP)
STYLE: Ambient / Ethnic Step
LABEL: N.C.P Records

Yin Yang Audio made a potion of minimal chill and quality ethnic dubstep music specially to be deliver to you by N.C.P Records.
N.C.P is Proud to presents some drops of low frequency music blended with minimal whispers from the desert winds and hot bass lines creating an atmosphere of awakening dreams.
Only a  talented artist would create music with so much harm and fascinating mirages of mystery to spring strong emotions.
Finally, the good and the bad join forces but is no words to describe Yin Yang ... 
You have to listen !

Yin Yang Audio- Altered States [NCPR004]
1. Tryptamine (Ambient step)
2. Killamanjaro (ethnic step)

Jerry D. also known as yin yang audio is an underground producer residing in Texas.
Jerry produce dubstep and other low frequency music vibes for 4 years, blending many other musical genres all together.
Yin Yang music style is an ongoing process of continuing growth, ever changing and morphing into something else but his main influences range from "Mala" to "The Future sound of London" and countless others.
Yin Yang have released and had forthcoming material under other labels as "soulstep records" and "flak records".
This time, Jerry make a fusion approach to some ethnic sounds releasing a two track EP on N.C.P Records named "Altered States"

Listen and enjoy !

N.C.P Records

Yin Yang

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Murat Civas - Awarness (EP)

N.C.P Records present

ARTIST: Murat Civas
RELEASE: Awareness (EP)
STYLE: Chill out / Ethnic Step
LABEL: N.C.P Records

Murat Civas deliver N.C.P Rec and EP with two amazing fusion tracks.
Ethnic Ambient & Dubstep will open the doors on a mystery story told by ancient mythology.
Melodic bass lines, ethnic percussions and a floating melody make us travel the Orient  leaving a spicy flavour in our mouth and a shiva shake in the body.
That's how tasty is Murat Civas music production.

Murat  Civas - Awareness (EP) [NCP003]
1. Dubsent    (ethnic dubstep)
2. Wet Solar (Chill out)

Murat Civas born in Germany but soon move to Turkey.
He start to play keyboard and Turkish ethnic traditional instruments at the age of 18 but  Murat Civas always have been very much connected with street underground beats music.

Later Murat start to listen metal and grind-core music where he join with some friends and  start his first metal band in Turkey call X-Rated (1988) where Murat play the rule of lead  singer, where we moved into other metal bands.
in 2001 Murat get participate in Istanbul competition named "Dark music days" and he get the 3th  place as a metal singer.

Later in 2004 and after the band broke up,Murat start to work at a local radio station as a  dj and start to love electronic music...  Soon Murat start a weekend live show in the radio  playing electronic music including chill out sets.
By this time he start his first adventure sin music production working with frutyloops and  later upgrade to Reason as make him fell more comfortable with the music software.

Later 2006 Murat join with a very good friend and they start a electronic band and 2 person  project where Murat was playing bass and programing drums. The band induced styles as Ethnic  Turkish music, Dark ambient, trip hop,, psychedelic , progressive and chill beats but soon  both lost the interest for this band and stop the activity.

Since then Murat Civas has been producing music on his own instigating a new sound and a Story in  each of his tracks and create emotions with melodies.
Murat Civas like to add Dirty street beats on his music and create atmospheres.
His influences go from Trip-hop, experimental, chill, ambient , ethnic and many ,many other  music styles.

For the first time , Murat Civas take his music to a next level making a d├ębut EP at N.C.P Records  to give himself to the world of music.
Let me introduce him...
Murat  Civas - Awareness (EP) [NCP003]

Sunday, 29 July 2012

DaDa Project - Gibraltar (EP)

N.C.P Records present

ARTIST: DaDa Project
TRACK: Gibraltar
STYLE: Ethnic Step
LABEL:  N.C.P Records

Ethnic Dubstep !? 
After the first release on Lua Records label in a experimental music ground, DaDa Project come this time on N.C.P. Records to re-cook a new recipe... 
That's right !
 A mixture of ethnic sounds with dubstep beatz & bass lines. 
A more melodic approach to this music style. sounds strange ? 
That is DaDa Project. Listen to enjoy. 
More to come on N.C.P Records.

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