Sunday, 28 June 2015

Digitalizing - Tantra Mantra EP

N.C.P Records Present
ARTIST: Digitalizing
RELEASE:  Tantra Mantra EP
STYLE: Ambient / Chill
LABEL: N.C.P Records

Digitalizing presents 'Tantra Mantra' Five mesmerizing tracks which
will propel the listener into a gentle and vibrant journey through warm grooves and fluid electronic atmospheres. Digitalizing crafted a journey of sound made of many different elements, from Indian influences through African tribal percussions, always with an emphasis for strong chill-out floor reactions.
A full range of soundscapes, build up electrifying melodies and traveller of human consciousness sounds can be found in this third release of Digitalizing at N.C.P Records. 

Digitalizing - Tantra Mantra EP 

1) Tantra Mantra
2) Perfect paradise
3) Lost travel
4) Slide in the mind
5) Reflection
W&P by: Paulo Avelar (Portugal)
Mastered by: Kabbalien (Portugal / UK)
Beatport exclusive: 14/06/2015
Official release: 28/06/2015


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