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Sunday, 15 March 2020

DaDa Project - Electric City

N.C.P Records Present
ARTIST: DaDa Project
RELEASE:  Electric City
STYLE: Ambient / Breaks / Experimental
LABEL: N.C.P Records

DaDa Project is an improvised electronic live music project directed to small venues e/o chill out events. The music is a mescal of normal and abnormal sounds, noises, old-time radio voices, effect machines and sampling speeches. 
The artist produces, record, discompose and rearranged noises and voices... Add, cut, change, slice and glue sound together. 

The music is produced in a way that all the sounds work in a sampling loop mode and in an improvised music environment.

Described as minimal electronica &  improvised electronic music, DaDa is a Project in constant mutation.

This was the second and last record from the artist to the label and is no project to record any other material in future!

DaDa Project - Electric City

01) DaDa Project - Electric City Opus 1
02) DaDa Project - Electric City Opus 2
03) DaDa Project - Electric City Opus 3
04) DaDa Project - Electric City Opus 4
05) DaDa Project - Electric City Opus 5

W&P by: Frederico Alves (Portugal)

Mastered by: Kabbalien (Portugal / UK)

Beatport exclusive from 14/02/2011

Monday, 20 May 2013

Softwasp - Zombie Princess (EP)

N.C.P Records Present
ARTIST: Softwasp
RELEASE: Zombie Princess
 STYLE: Trip-Hop  / Eletronica
LABEL: N.C.P Records

 Softwasp delighted N.C.P Records with this new single EP delivered in a Trip-Hop music style.
Soft Wasp is the alter ego of Manchester based visual artist Carl Holt.
Carl is an underground beatmaker and dedicated provider of bass lead on electronic music.
Ranging from lounge, trip hop, downtempo to dubstep the product of Soft Wasp reflect the diverse influences in modern culture. Viewing the internet as the ideal environment to deliver his beats the output and range of his scope is both prolific and unflagging.

1) I Married a zombie princess - Trip-hop
2) Where Houston at - Trip-hop
3) Blue - Dub

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