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Thursday, 13 August 2015

PhonoPhora - The Steading

N.C.P Records Present
ARTIST: PhonoPhora
RELEASE:  The Steading
 STYLE: Psychill / Ambient
LABEL: N.C.P Records

10 Tracks created in a studio somewhere in the mountain in Scotland "The Steading" is Freddie Brice's new LP combining electrifying glitches, mesmerising beats and euphoric ambiance so creating a captivating psy/chill sound experience.

Delivered to N.C.P Records by frequencies and waveforms, we are pleased to share this quality music production with you.

 PhonoPhora - The Steading

01) Phonophora - The Forgotten Stomp
02) Phonophora - Potassium Overdose
03) Phonophora - The Tale of the Lost Spaceship Mechanic
04) Phonophora - Clock Men
05) Phonophora - Searching for the Fairy Lake in the Secret Garden
06) Phonophora - Electric Euphoria
07) Phonophora - Slohm
08) Phonophora - Sleeping in Jasmine
09) Phonophora - The Steading
10) Phonophora - Ontario Lacus 72 183

W&P by: Freddie Brice (Scotland)

Mastered by: Kabbalien (Portugal / UK)

 Beatport exclusive from: 07/08/2015
All stores from: 21/08/2015)

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